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Many small businesses don’t get the success they want.

We transform your business, your leadership, you.

Show us a business problem, we'll show you a solution that starts with your people. We create rock star leaders that grow and develop their teams and produce exciting business results.

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John Vellinga, President & CEO of Zirkova Vodka is here to tell you all about his experience working with us.

Our philosophy is very simple

When asked how he created David, Michelangelo said "I simply took away what is not David." As coaches and consultants that is exactly what we do. We take away all the things that are not you so the authentic leader emerges. You're left free to grow, scale and build your business.

Your business doesn’t need another coach or consultant who gives you surface level answers or opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do. You need a consulting team that works on your behalf and gets to the heart of the matter. We get our  hands dirty with your people to really get to the roots, the real problem.  We work with the underlying structure that is currently limiting the growth and results of your business. We have to get underneath it all to find the core of who you and your business are – your culture, premise, perspective, beliefs – if you’re ever going to be freed from what holds you back from all out growth.

We unpack the obstacles, the inauthenticities, the stories people have about themselves, their businesses and the world, all of which stop them from performing at their highest level.

This allows for breakthrough business results. With a renewed vision, free from past obstacles, we will help you create the strategic actions that will allow for true authentic purpose of your business to be realized.

How we have made a difference:

In an effort to take their company to the next level the leadership team of a small firm needed to have a major transformation and alignment of the team. We accomplished breakthrough results by aligning and empowering the leaders of the organization. They essentially warped time to produce the unthinkable.

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Contrast's influence & impact are nothing short of life changing.

Here are some of the ways we can work together

All the work we do forwards your individual and team goals. Our success is driven by your success. We help our clients become Purpose Driven Organizations that produce extraordinary results.

Meet Our Team.

Our specialized team is driven by your growth and results.

Do away with underwhelming

If your time is as limited as your current profits, don't waste either on underwhelming outside help. Get extraordinary results with kick ass executive coaching and coach-based consulting for improved sales, marketing and operations.

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