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Many small businesses don’t get the success they want.

Women Who Lead

You can "do it all" or "have it all" without contracting Superwoman Syndrome. It's called effective leadership and we help you get there.

Women make better leaders

Women bring skills of empathy, understanding and an ability to see the overall impact decisions at the top level will have before they happen.

Let’s kill this Superwoman Syndrome – you don’t have to sacrifice yourself to be a great leader. You can have it all without wearing a red cape!

Get the respect and rewards you have earned in your career – start by being your authentic self.

When I came to the realization I wanted a coach, I never could have imagined the impact one would have on my career and my life. Having just had my second child, I was focused on my return to work and making a seamless re-entry. I wanted to ensure my career was on the right path, while also ensuring I could be the mother I wanted to be. I didn’t want to let my husband, children or work down and least of all myself. Christine helped me appreciate the virtues of being a working mother and not needing to be all things to all people all of the time. Within a year of coming back to work, I received a promotion and I attribute a large part of that to the person and mother I show up as every day as a result of coaching and the perspective it has brought me.

RM, Contrast Coaching client

Leadership isn't a role or a gender. It's a mindset.

Women have unique skills that can clear the path for greatness within teams. We help to shine a light on the impact you create within your organization by giving you the tools to lead effectively, while staying true to who you are.

  • Confident Leadership

    Your leadership style should be a confident reflection of your true self. It's already there, it's just waiting to be released.

  • Network

    We get you connected to a network of strong and savvy women, and help you grow you're inner circle of influential men and women to forward your career.

  • Recognition

    No more silent desperation for recognition of your efforts or skill. We get you to healthy recognition through effective communication on your part.

  • Influence

    Hone your ability to lead, communicate, listen and act, making you more influential within your company and team.

  • Balance

    We help you identify your priorities, focus on what's important to you and find balance by being able to say no to the things that don't matter.

  • Decisiveness

    Get skilled in making decisions quickly, changing your mind slowly, and taking decisive action where it makes the most impact.

Do away with underwhelming

If your time is as limited as your current profits, don't waste either on underwhelming outside help. Get extraordinary results with kick ass executive coaching and coach-based consulting for improved sales, marketing and operations.

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